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How to buy - Golden Horizon Cavite


Here’s an easy step by step guide on how to buy a house & lot at Golden Horizon.




  1. Let one of our authorized sales agents or partner brokers present to you comprehensive details of the project that you’re interested in. This includes the project’s location and its proximity to your points of interest, the house models and unit finishes, community features and amenities, and your financing options.
  2. Schedule a site visit with your attending seller, so you can get first-hand experience of the community and get to see the quality of our constructed units. Open House Video Presentations and 360 Degree Virtual Tours are also available on our website to give you a preview of our projects at the comfort of your home.
  3. Once decided, you must now choose from our available inventory your preferred unit, lot location, and payment scheme. And you’ll be asked to accomplish the following requirements to formalize your reservation application:

    a. Fully-filled Reservation Agreement
    b. Signed Computation Sheet
    c. Signed Site Development Plan
    d. Signed Floor Plan and House Specification
    e. Signed Contract to Sell
    f. Photocopy of Original Receipt
    g. 2 Valid IDs
    h. Signed Sketch of Residence
    i. Proof of Income
    j. Authorization Letter (If Principal Buyer is not present during reservation)


  1. Expect a call from our CI Group who will be giving you a schedule for an online Credit Interview (C.I.). Here, your personal information and unit details will be confirmed, and your housing loan application will be discussed.
  2. The following requirements must be submitted within 30 days from the date of reservation:
    a. 1×1 ID Picture (4pcs)
    b. Company ID with 3 specimen signature
    c. Government ID with 3 specimen signature
    d. Pag-IBIG Loyalty Card
    e. Updated 24 months or more Pag-IBIG Contributions (ESAV/MSAV)
    f. Birth Certificate from PSA
    g. Marriage Contract (If Married)
    h. Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR) *If Single
    i. 2 Valid ID of Spouse with 3 specimen signature (If Applicable)
    *Spouse is required to sign all loan documents
    j. BIR 1904 FORM with stamped as TIN verified
    k. Latest Proof of Billing / Brgy. Clearance
    l. Proof of Income Documents
  3. Our Accounts Servicing Group will assist you in your Pag-Ibig Home Loan Application. And once a Notice of Approval (NOA) is granted by Pag-Ibig, you’ll be asked to sign the NOA and other loan documents to be forwarded back to Pag-ibig so that the loan proceeds may already be released.


  1. Upon construction completion, and provided that you have settled all fees including Move-in and Take-out Charges, your unit will be scheduled for turnover.
  2. You’ll be asked to inspect your unit together with our turnover officer to ensure you that your unit has been delivered as committed.
  3. Upon acceptance, you’ll be asked to attend a move-in seminar wherein you’ll be oriented on your responsibilities as a homeowner at Golden Horizon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Proof of Income Requirements?

For Employed-Local
a. Original & Notarized Certificate of Employment with Compensation (COEC)
b. Updated 1 month Payslip

For Employed – Abroad (OFW/POP)
a. Valid Passport with 3 specimen signatures
b. 5 original copies of Notarized Special of Attorney (SPA – Pag-IBIG Form) or
c. 1 original copy of Consularized Special of Attorney (SPA – Pag-IBIG Form)
d. 2 Valid IDs of Attorney-In-Fact with 3 specimen signatures

Land Based
a. Latest Job Contract / Original or Consularized Salary Certificate
b. Latest Resident ID and Working Visa / IQAMA (with English Translation)
c. E-Ticket

Sea Based
a. Latest Job Contract (Validated by POEA)
b. E-Ticket

Philippine Based
a. Certificate of Employment with Compensation (COEC)
b. At least 2 years Bank Statement

a. Current ITR with Original BIR Stamp Date Received (2 consecutive years)
b. Official Receipt of Tax Payment (Validated by Bank)
c. Audited Financial Statement Bank Statement / Passport Certified by Bank Officer (1 year)
d. DTI Registration
e. Mayor’s Permit / Business Permit
f. Sketch & Landmark of Business Address

Can I pay my monthly downpayment online, or thru bank deposit?

Payments can be settled through wire transfer, bank deposit, fund transfer or other similar gateways to the following official bank accounts:

BDO Unibank, Inc.: 011808000304
Asia United Bank: 520010000192
Philipine National Bank: 151570005219


*IMPORTANT: Proof of Payment should be emailed to collection@hg3construction.com with the following complete details:

a. Buyer’s Complete Name (Surname, First Name, Middle Name)

b. Unit/Block/Lot

c. Transaction Date

d. Transaction Time

e. Transaction Reference Number (GCash transactions must also include a screenshot of the GCash Confirmation Text Message or the Transaction Receipt received via email)

f. Payment Type (Downpayment)


What are the requirements that I need to submit when reserving a unit?

The following Initial Requirements (IREQ) must be submitted to reserve a home in Golden Horizon:

a. Fully-filled Reservation Agreement
b. Signed Computation Sheet
c. Signed Site Development Plan
d. Signed Floor Plan and House Specification
e. Signed Contract to Sell
f. Photocopy of Original Receipt

a. 2 Valid IDs
b. Signed Sketch of Residence
c. Proof of Income
d. Authorization Letter

What are the available financing options to purchase a house unit?

The buyer has the following financing options on how to purchase a house unit:

  1. In-house financing with the developer
  2. External financing with accredited bank of the developer or with Pag-ibig, subject to the requirements, terms and conditions of the chosen financing institution by the buyer.
In case I want to avail the Pagibig or bank loan, will the developer facilitate the whole process?

Yes, the developer will facilitate the processing of loan application and loan takeout with Pag-ibig or bank. However, the buyer has to comply and submit to the developer all the documentary requirements.

After approval of my loan application with Pagibig or a bank institution, do I still have to pay for other fees?

Yes, after approval of the loan by the financing institution and as requirement prior to move-in, the buyer has to pay for miscellaneous charges that include the following: loan takeout processing fee, move-in charges, HOA (Homeowners Association) membership fee, advance payment of RPT (Real Property Tax), water and electricity connection fees, whichever is applicable.

Who shall apply for the water and electricity connection to my purchased house unit?
  • The water service provider for all subdivisions within the Golden Horizon township project is Prowater Solutions, a subsidiary company of HG-III Construction and Development Corporation. As such, all buyers are required to pay for connection fees to Prowater Solutions as part of the miscellaneous and move-in charges.
  • For the electricity connection, it is the obligation of the buyer to process its own application with Meralco.
If I reserve today, when do I expect the house unit to be completed and turned over to me?
  • If the purchased house unit is a preselling or a non-RFO (Ready for Occupancy) unit, completion of the unit is upon settlement of the full downpayment based on approved payment term. However, turnover of the house unit is upon loan takeout, payment of all miscellaneous fees and upon formal acceptance of the unit by the buyer.
  • If the purchased house unit is an RFO (Ready for Occupancy) or a completed house unit, turnover is upon full payment or upon loan takeout by the financing institution and upon formal acceptance of the unit by the buyer.
What are the materials finishes of the house unit that I intend to purchase?

The materials finishes depend on the house unit to be purchased by the buyer. It is recommended for the buyer to secure the copy of the House Specifications provided by the developer if they have any clarification on this matter.

Am I allowed to do any improvement or any alteration on the house that I purchase?
  • Yes, after loan takeout by the bank or Pagibig and provided that the buyer has settled all miscellaneous and move-in fees and upon formal acceptance of the house unit from the developer. However, any improvement or alteration on the unit must be approved by the developer for checking against the Deed of Restrictions, Design Guidelines and Subdivision Rules & Regulations.
  • In the case of a house unit purchased under In-house Financing with the developer, the buyer may be allowed to do improvement or alteration on the unit subject to approval by the developer. However, should the buyer defaults as per conditions of the Contract to Sell, the developer may charge to the buyer the cost of restoring the purchase house unit to its original condition.
Am I obliged to pay the monthly association dues with the Homeowners Association (HOA)?

Yes, as stated in the Contract To Sell signed by the buyer, he becomes automatic member of the Homeowners Association upon loan takeout or upon formal turnover of the house unit, whichever comes first. As member of the HOA, the buyer is then obligated to pay the monthly association dues.

What is the purpose of paying the monthly association dues with the HOA?

Warranties covered by the developer include the structural and other hidden damages not caused by wear and tear. Wear and tear refers to damages on materials or fixtures caused by the usage of the buyer. Standard warranty on the house unit is normally up to 6 months or 12 months depending on the type of damage encountered by the buyer.

May I use the amenities of other communities like the swimming pool?

Amenities are exclusive per community. However, there are shared facilities that all residents of Golden Horizon may enjoy such as the church, wet & dry market, and future developments like the commercial complex.

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